A good tunnel is first, and foremost a safe tunnel. The lighting should make motorists feel like they are driving on the open road.

It must ensure that they enter, transit and exit the structure in complete safety and comfort.

A pioneer in tunnel lighting, Schréder has designed and delivered lighting solutions for more than 1,000 tunnels worldwide, including Mont Blanc in France, Queens Midtown Tunnel in USA, Co Ma Tunnel in Vietnam, Velser Tunnel in the Netherlands and NorthConnex in Australia.

We are the leading partner for safe tunnels that keep disruptive maintenance to a minimum while reducing energy and maintenance costs.


Schréder - Your partner from start to finish

From designing the photometrical study, integrating a performing control system, to compliance checks to system set-up, we will coordinate every aspect of your lighting project.

We not only deliver the luminaires and our own advanced tunnel control solution (ATS) to effectively manage the network, we also supply all of the cables and connectors which comply with the latest regulations (including EN 60598-1, EN 60598-2-22 and flammability UL94) for tunnels and can be installed without any tools.

This capacity to manage the entire project saves a lot of time, energy and money, not only during the design phase but also during installation and commissioning.


Intelligent tunnel lighting solutions

Our intelligent solutions enable tunnel operators to :


Ensure a smooth traffic flow

We have a comprehensive range of LED luminaires to suit the entrance, threshold and interior zones for all types of tunnels, whether they are in the mountains, city centre or country side.

These luminaires have been specifically developed with optics that optimise the luminance for tunnel environments.

They provide the correct levels of lighting with excellent visibility and uniformity, to enable drivers to avoid the dangerous black hole effect at the tunnel entrance and the white light phenomenon at the tunnel exit.

Drivers can quickly adapt to the tunnel environment, identify possible obstacles and travel without reducing speed.


Respect local standards and regulations

While the CIE (CIE 88:2004) recommends specific luminance levels for the different tunnel areas, weather conditions and time of day, there is no international consensus on lighting design for tunnels.

Many countries have local tunnel lighting standards.

With a strong local presence, our teams of experienced technical and tunnel experts have in-depth knowledge on national and local regulations.

For example, they have already designed and implemented many tunnel lighting solutions that satisfy the IES RP-22-11 tunnel lighting standard in North America.

They are on hand to help the contracting authority deliver the ideal solution.


Minimise tunnels closures

Our high-quality tunnel solutions ensure performance 24/7 in the long term.

The Schréder ATS system quickly detects any potential failures to avoid unexpected closures.

With a 15-minute unexpected tunnel closure estimated to cost €15,000, tunnel operators need this reliability.


Lower the total cost of ownership

All Schréder specified tunnel lighting solutions ensure perfectly safe areas with a minimised total cost of ownership.

Our dedicated in-house tunnel software tools in combination with the advanced optics of our luminaires offer an unparalleled solution in light output while significantly reducing power consumption.

Our ATS control system enables the light levels to be adapted to the real needs of the tunnel at specific times, extending maintenance periods and further reducing energy and operating costs.

What is more, our extensive knowledge in lighting tunnels, has enabled us to build solutions that perfectly resist the harsh tunnel conditions - corrosion, shocks, vibrations - to guarantee long-lasting performance.


Create vibrant landmarks

While tunnels may be considered dull and monotonous, our energy-efficient architectural lighting solutions can easily transform the entrance into an eye-catching nocturnal landmark.

The Loi and Cinquantenaire Tunnels in Brussels for example have dynamic floodlights integrated into the guardrails at the tunnel entrance and exit.

The result is a safe tunnel that creates a vibrant yet relaxing landscape for a pleasant driving experience.


Discover our smart lighting solutions for tunnels

Discover the ATS control system, jointly developed by Schréder and Phoenix Contact, which integrates the initial tunnel lighting study to speed up commissioning and efficiently manages your lighting network !