The innovative solution for tunnel continuous line lighting


Take advantage of a complete tunnel lighting solution and considerably improve your tunnel experience with TFLEX LINE. This revolutionary continuous LED lighting has been developed in the continuity of the TFLEX tunnel solution, offering optical units, on-demand custom-length cables, smart connectors and advanced control technologies at the same time. This concept significantly optimises the lighting installation while generating massive cost-savings.
TFLEX LINE is available in three standard lengths with improved photometric engines and optics, generating high visual performance for perfect visibility in any tunnel zone, even the most complex ones.
Its robust design and coatings make it a reliable solution for lighting all types of tunnel environment.
TFLEX LINE is remotely connected to a driver box that integrates the latest remote control technologies for optimised tunnel lighting management.

  • Generate savings
  • Continuing the TFLEX tunnel lighting philosophy, TFLEX LINE offers an all-in-one lighting solution. Don’t waste time with multiple supply sources - take advantage of a one-off, complete solution. TFLEX LINE offers optical units in various lengths, integrated connectors, custom-length smart cables, driver boxes, fast installation and connectivity - in one single solution. Save time and make cost savings while improving your tunnel experience, with TFLEX LINE!

  • Guarantee mobility
  • Luminaire maintenance and replacement can lead to long and expensive tunnel closures, while also impacting mobility. TFLEX LINE optical units are available in various lengths for optimised installation. A set of preassembled cables and clipping brackets ensure fast and easy installation, considerably reducing maintenance work.

  • Ensure perfect guidance
  • Bad visibility inside tunnels can lead to dramatic scenarios. The improved optics of TFLEX LINE have been specifically developed to suit the most specific types of tunnel environment. TFLEX LINE visual technology significantly increases lighting uniformity inside the tunnel and offers high visibility to guarantee user safety.

  • Plug and play technology
  • The TFLEX LINE installation concept relies on a complete set of preassembled, customisable cables and connectors that drastically reduce installation, commissioning and maintenance time.

Compatible with advanced tunnel control solutions

TFLEX LINE is connected remotely to a driver box that benefits from the latest control technologies. Capable of integrating Lumgate or DALI outputs, the driver box is compatible with the Advanced Tunnel System 4 (ATS4). The ATS4 control system is capable of constantly adapting the lighting levels according to conditions inside and outside the tunnel, monitoring power consumption and reporting any failure, for optimised tunnel management and maximised safety.


Electrical class
Surge protection (kV)
Control protocol(s)
Control option(s)
Luminaire output flux (lm)
700 - 
Power consumption (W)
4.7 - 
Luminaire efficacy - up to (lm/W)
LED colour temperature
Colour rendering index (CRI)
Upward Light Output Ratio (ULOR)
Tempered glass
Optional "seafront" polyester powder coating with anodisation (C5-CX according to the ISO 9223-2012 standard)
Tightness level
Impact resistance
All configurations
Operating temperature range (Ta)
-30°C up to +45°C / -22°F up to 113°F
Depending on the luminaire configuration. For more details, please contact us.

Dimensions and mounting

AxBxC (mm | inch)
TFLEX LINE 60 : 130x76.6x611 | 5.1x3.0x24.1
TFLEX LINE 120 : 130x76.6x1200 | 5.1x3.0x47.2
TFLEX LINE 200 : 130x76.6x2000 | 5.1x3.0x78.7
Weight (kg | lbs)
TFLEX LINE 60 : 3.4 | 7.5
TFLEX LINE 120 : 5.9 | 13.0
TFLEX LINE 200 : 9.6 | 21.0
Mounting possibilities
Clips for surface/wall mounting
Surface mounting

Control systems

TFLEX LINE options

TFLEX LINE can be connected to driver boxes equipped with various control options:
• 1-10V
• Telemanagement/Lumgate

The TFLEX LINE is compatible with the Advanced Tunnel System 4 (ATS4).

Control link

Installation and Maintenance

Clip-type brackets

The stainless-steel clip-type brackets allow TFLEX LINE to be mounted on ceilings and side walls by simply clipping it into its supports. The supports are first mounted on the wall or ceiling, then the optical unit is clipped into the support.

L-shaped fixed brackets

TFLEX LINE can be fixed on ceilings with L-shaped aluminium brackets.
Attachment is ensured using a hexagonal M6 screw, washer and nut.

Toolless cabling

TFLEX LINE benefits from fast plug-and-play smart cables and connectors, considerably reducing mounting and maintenance time.