Manufacturing facilities require even, uniform lighting that enables employees to carry out precision work with high visual comfort so that they work productively and collaborate effectively. As these plants usually operate long hours, with several shifts, they also need lighting solutions that lower energy consumption, reduce maintenance downtime and enjoy a long lifespan.

Fortunately, our LED lighting solutions enables you to transform your facility into a safe, sustainable and cost-effective workplace, where employees enjoy the best possible working conditions. They guarantee:


Quality light for safe workspaces

Safety is paramount for employees. Production and assembly halls often have little daylight or none at all. Thankfully, our LED lighting solutions are able to mitigate the issues associated with a lack of natural light.

They provide optimal light levels with good uniformity and high colour rendering to make it easier to identify defects and perform inspection tasks and thus avoid costly errors. By eliminating flicker, LED lighting can also mitigate machine operating accidents and prevent falls.

All of our lighting systems respect the requirements defined in the European standard EN 12464-1 as well as specific regional and national regulations.

Improved business operations

Accurate colour recognition is crucial for performance too. For example, packers often rely on colour to help them rapidly and accurately identify labels, which helps them avoid making costly errors. And in industries such as textiles or printing, staff need to differentiate between a range of textures and shades to produce quality products.

Unlike traditional discharge lamps, LEDs have an unrivalled ability to mimic daylight and show true colour. They deliver a high CRI which is particularly beneficial in areas lacking daylight. They relieve many of the health consequences of working with low visibility - such as eye strain and headaches - they can also improve staff morale and energy levels to boost productivity.

Low maintenance

Factories are places of heavy-duty work - the luminaires need to be robust to withstand extreme working conditions and high temperatures while consuming less energy. In a manufacturing plant, halting a production line to repair a broken luminaire can have vast financial ramifications. It is estimated that in the automotive industry, one minute of unanticipated downtime costs manufacturers €19,000, or €1,159,769 each hour.

Schréder luminaires are engineered with a rugged design and durable materials to ensure a long lifespan with low maintenance for minimal disruption.

Lower energy costs

Manufacturing facilities use massive amounts of energy. It’s more than likely that lighting accounts for approximately 40% of your electricity bill. Our luminaires don’t just provide the best light levels, they also offer a low energy alternative to dramatically reduce your business costs.

Combined with our control system, they offer scheduling and dimming with customised reporting to enable you to track and monitor energy consumption throughout the entire facility. Sensors make sure that you are only lighting those spaces in active use for maximum efficiency and sustainable operations.