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Over 5,000 industrial luminaires to ensure a responsible use of energy and a healthy workplace

MAN Truck & Bus is one of Europe's leading manufacturers of commercial vehicles with a product portfolio that includes vans, trucks, buses, diesel and gas engines as well as services for passenger and freight transport.

Energy-saving strategy with LED lighting

The company's plant in Krakow, Poland, is dedicated to the production of heavy-duty trucks. Between 2019 and 2022, as part of its continuous drive to improve its competitiveness, the company embarked on an energy-saving strategy and decided to upgrade the lighting in its warehouses and offices.

The plant's most valuable resource is its people, and it was equally important to ensure workspaces where employees can concentrate on their work with a high level of visual comfort. Together with MAN's other Polish sites, the Krakow plant has been awarded the TOP Employers Polska certificate on several occasions.

High-bay lighting that exceeds expectations

For the first phase of the project in 2019, the company wanted to improve the uniformity and reduce glare in its logistics warehouse while reducing energy consumption and costs by up to 55%.

With its high performance and low running costs, the INDU BAY was the perfect choice to improve lighting levels and uniformity. Just over 100 high-bay luminaire were installed throughout the hall. They provide a crisp white light with no shadows, enabling the company to reduce its electricity bill by 54% while complying with lighting standards to meet the needs of the workers.

Quality industrial lighting for even more savings

In 2020, the company decided to replace the lighting in its test bay. A total of 102 INDU BAY luminaires were installed to replace the old fixtures, reducing the number of luminaires installed by 29. Thanks to the performance of the INDU BAY, the light output increased and staff saw a major improvement in visibility, creating a much safer working environment with a significant energy reduction of 74%.

Happy with the positive feedback from staff and the reduced energy costs, the company proceeded to upgrade the lighting in its assembly building where 467 INDU BAY luminaires were installed to replace the existing 503 fixtures, achieving energy savings of 61%.

Responsible lighting for new state-of-the-art facilities

At the end of 2021, MAN decided to expand the facilities at the plant to increase its production capacity. As part of the expansion, the company built a hall for the construction of cabs, a hall for truck modifications and several warehouses. The size of the plant increased by a third to 41 hectares, the equivalent of around 60 football pitches.

The company wanted responsible lighting for the different work areas that would respect its energy-efficiency policy, reduce maintenance costs and deliver quality light that meets strict lighting standards. Several lighting manufacturers proposed solutions and Schréder was chosen because of its proven expertise in lighting other buildings on the site.

A proven industrial lighting range to suit all indoor needs

A combination of INDU BAY, INDU CONTILINE, INDU LINE, INDU PANEL and INDU DOWNLIGHT were installed throughout the new buildings to deliver the precise lighting needs of each area.

The INDU CONTILINE delivers a bright white light (5,700K) with a high CRI to ensure a remarkable uniformity in the halls where the employees carry out high-precision work. The staff really appreciate the quality of light and visual comfort.

A total of 900 INDU LINE provide a continuous lighting solution for specific areas of the warehouses. They ensure high levels of uniformity and high visibility so staff can easily access what they need, speeding up operations.

Almost 800 INDU PANEL and 100 INDU DOWNLIGHT luminaires were installed to light the new and existing offices, reception areas, corridors and conference rooms. They are perfectly integrated into the ceilings and diffuse a glare-free light, providing high visual comfort for employees to work efficiently.

Complete turnkey solution for lighting outdoor loading bays and parking areas

With the plant now producing more than 200 vehicles a day as a result of increased production capacity, it also has extremely large parking areas where the lorries wait to be transported to customers.

The parking areas are lit by a mixture of the highly efficient OMNISTAR and IZYLUM luminaires to ensure that all employees and suppliers can carefully navigate the site all year long, even in the dark winter months.

Installed on high masts, the OMNISTAR luminaires ensure that there are no dark zones, also contributing to the security of the site.

The ISLA LED was installed at the entrance and visitor car park to create a warm welcome.  

A total of 300 INDU FLOOD luminaires were installed to light the outdoor areas of the loading bays. They deliver a bright, glare-free light so that drivers can easily manoeuvre lorries and other vehicles and staff can easily load and unload supplies.

Reduced maintenance costs too

As in many production halls, dust tends to gather over time, reducing the quality of light. However, the clean lines and smooth surfaces of our industrial lighting luminaires prevent water and dust from accumulating, reducing the need for cleaning.

Combined with their robust design and long life of the LEDs, maintenance operations and associated costs have been reduced for many years to come.

Schréder, your industrial lighting partner

We were delighted to work with MAN over the past 5 years, advising and delivering industrial lighting solutions that meets their needs: 

  • low energy consumption;
  • reduced maintenance; 
  • improved working environment;
  • reduced carbon footprint and 
  • ultimately value for money. 

We will continue to work with them to promote a more responsible use of energy while ensuring a safe and healthy workplace.

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