Visualisation and immersive technology bring value to all projects – innovative technologies such as augmented reality are enablers for the experience of design and bringing solutions to life vividly, with a sense of scale and presence. We design augmented reality mobile applications to help our customers create their own lighting solution in the most effective, easiest and fun way possible.

VisioLum 3D

Schréder VisioLum 3D lets architects, lighting designers and town planners easily and quickly configure their own state-of-the-art FLEXIA platform by playing with all its different designs, finishes and accessories. They can then combine the luminaire with a bracket and pole to discover how their own unique lighting solution could enhance their town or city both by day and by night.

Once they have found their ideal solution they can zoom in and out and do a complete 360° turn to visualise the ensemble from all points of view.

They can then save their choices and download the 3D files or a PDF with a summary of the configurations to share with colleagues and potential customers.

VisioLum AR

Augmented reality helps people to view designs in context at very early stages – allowing the architect, contractor and customer to have the same spatial understanding of the environment.

With Schréder VisioLum AR, customers can integrate a customised solution from VisoLum 3D into their urban environment and then duplicate the number of lighting ensembles to see the overall effect.

VisioLum on site

With an intuitive interface, customers will be able to explore the endless possibilities to find the ideal solution with no need for mock-ups and 3D renderings which can take up a lot of time.

At any time of day and from anywhere, this cutting-edge technology allows customers to interact and fully customise their lighting solution before making a choice.

Towns and cities want lighting solutions that not only light but also highlight their distinctive identity. There’s no question that immersive technology can help them to do just that, letting them configure, customise and visualise so they are sure of their choice.

Jean Luc Lambert - Schréder Urban Deco Business Segment Manager
Jean-Luc Lambert
Schréder Urban Deco Business Segment Manager

For the best user experience, the Schréder VisioLum apps are available for devices that have passed the ARCore certification process.

Download the apps together, free of charge on the Apple iStore and Google Play Store using the following links:

Google Play

Schréder VisioLum 3D | Schréder VisioLum AR 

App Store

Schréder VisioLum 3D | Schréder VisioLum AR