While the mining industry has come a long way since the days of the Industrial Revolution, mines still remain notoriously harsh environments and can be high-risk for employees.
The lighting must guarantee the utmost safety for staff while resisting the constant dust and moisture over time.
With machinery often operating non-stop and causing excessive vibrations, the luminaires must also be extremely robust.

Our lighting solutions for mining:


Meet strict regulations

One of the most challenging environments to light, mines must be lit with luminaires that meet strict criteria. They must have an extremely high degree of protection against dust and moisture ingress and a high IK to withstand impacts.
In coal mines, firedamp concentration can be high, resulting in explosive atmospheres. Some electrical equipment can carry the possibility of spark generation, which could cause an explosion under the right circumstances. Our OMNIstar luminaire is explosionproof to avoid any potentials internal sparks and prevent any risk of explosion. It complies with the ATEX directive.

Ensure health and safety for all

Shift work, hot temperatures, loud noise, highly repetitive and monotonous tasks can simultaneously increase fatigue for workers in comparison to other industries.
Schréder luminaires deliver a vibrant, glare free white light, to provide excellent visibility at all times, reducing the risk of mistakes and accidents. The bright light also keeps workers alert so that they can concentrate on the task in hand and reactive to their surroundings.
This visibility is also paramount for productivity.

Guarantee performance for a long time  

Mining operations often operate 24 hours a day. Schréder luminaires are engineered for durability in challenging environments. Strong mechanical designs with robust corrosion-resistant housings mean that they resist strong vibrations while delivering a constant light output over time.  
The long life of our energy-efficient LED optics significantly reduces operating costs to enhance profitability.

Minimise disruption for installation and maintenance

All of our luminaires are designed to be easily mounted in confined areas with low ceilings. They can also be accessed and opened in a quick and easy manner if needed for maintenance.
This easy installation saves time and money as disruption to operations are limited to what is really necessary.