An elegant design for a pleasant atmosphere


Do you want to enjoy a cost-effective LED lighting with a modern design? SHUFFLE POST-TOP is designed to meet this challenge! 
Creating an enjoyable landscape is a key element for public places like residential streets, urban roads, squares and parks. The minimalist SHUFFLE POST-TOP provides an elegant and timeless lighting solution for these spaces. With its cylinder shape, this street light luminaire is the perfect addition to the SHUFFLE smart pole to create pleasant places where people like to spend time.

  • A Zhaga-D4i certified luminaire
  • As a Zhaga-D4i certified luminaire, SHUFFLE POST-TOP complies with all the criteria including mechanical fit, digital communication, data reporting and power requirements within a single luminaire, ensuring plug-and-play interoperability of luminaires and peripherals such as connectivity nodes.

  • Designed to fit your environment
  • The SHUFFLE POST-TOP luminaire is available as a smooth cylinder or with a large canopy. You can choose between a modern and aesthetic version and a more decorative and romantic variant to create a pleasant atmosphere in public areas.

  • Connected-ready
  • SHUFFLE POST-TOP can be operated by Schréder EXEDRA. For your future smart city requirements, it is important that your different services can interconnect. SHUFFLE POST-TOP can be equipped with a standard NEMA 7-pin or Zhaga socket.

  • Supporting your sustainable policy
  • SHUFFLE POST-TOP has been developed to minimise waste. Each part of this street lighting luminaire can be recycled to support a circular economy. Equipped with state-of-the-art LED technology, SHUFFLE POST-TOP ensures the highest efficiency to provide energy savings for your city.

The perfect combination

SHUFFLE POST-TOP offers the same design and lighting characteristics as the 360 LGT module of the SHUFFLE smart column. SHUFFLE POST-TOP benefits from a wide range of photometries and provides aesthetic consistency in environments lit by both the post-top and column versions of the SHUFFLE.

Get your starlit sky back

The International Dark-Sky Association (IDA) is the recognised authority on light pollution. It provides tools, ressources, and a certification program for industries and companies willing to reduce light pollution. At Schréder, we are convinced that a more responsible lighting has the potential to preserve the environment. We are fully committed to reducing light pollution by joining the IDA’s certification program. Our approved range of luminaires complies with the IDA’s program of approval to deliver a light that protects the environment in all respects. Get your starlit sky back with the SHUFFLE POST-TOP lighting solution.


Recommanded installation height (m)
3.0 - 
Surge protection (kV)
Control protocol(s)
Associated control system(s)
Luminaire output flux (lm)
1500 - 
Power consumption (W)
18.0 - 
Luminaire efficacy - up to (lm/W)
Colour rendering index (CRI)
Upward Light Output Ratio (ULOR)
Meets IDA Dark Sky requirements when fitted with LEDs of 3000K or less.
ULOR may be different according to the configuration. Please consult us.
ULR may be different according to the configuration. Please consult us.
Tightness level
Impact resistance
All configurations

Dimensions and mounting

AxBxC (mm | inch)
194x982x194 | 7.6x38.7x7.6
Weight (kg | lbs)
8.0 | 17.6
Mounting possibilities
Post-top slip-over – Ø60mm
Post-top slip-over – Ø76mm

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Maximise your solution with Schréder EXEDRA

Enhance your lighting infrastructure with Schréder EXEDRA, the ultimate luminaire control solution. This cutting-edge technology enables cities and utilities to maximise energy savings, optimise operations and maintenance, and decarbonise streets. Future-proof your urban landscape and harness the potential of smart streets. With Schréder EXEDRA, you're not just upgrading your lighting - you're investing in a brighter and more sustainable future for your community.

Control systems

Control options for SHUFFLE POST-TOP

SHUFFLE POST-TOP offers various dimming options :
• Custom Dimming Profile
• Bi-Power
• 1 - 10V
• Remote management

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Installation and Maintenance

Easy installation

SHUFFLE POST-TOP comes with a slip-over mounting for a vertical mast with a Ø76mm or Ø60mm diameter spigot. To facilitate installation, this street lighting luminaire is delivered pre-wired.