Citadel - Porto Vecchio

Bespoke lantern tells the story of the city, connecting people to its heritage

Porto Vecchio, also known as the “City of Salt” as part of the city is built on ex-salt marshes, is the third largest city in Corsica. It has 2 distinct areas; a vibrant marina and port overlooked by a picturesque old town with 16th-century fortified walls.

The old town is one of Corsica’s most popular destination for visitors thanks to its characterful maze of streets, piazzas, restaurants, boutiques, charming atmosphere and magnificent views.

As part of a redevelopment strategy, the local authorities wanted to create a distinct identity for the old town and its citadel. It commissioned new street furniture and lighting to reinforce this regeneration.

Lighting to reflect the city’s character

The project managers had discovered the BOREAL in the city of Dijon and were immediately won over by its design, originality and lantern-like shape. Without doubt, the BOREAL is ideal for enlivening urban spaces and creating festive atmospheres with its perforated stainless steel mask. This perfectly captures the spirit of Porto Vecchio, which is a lively, young and contemporary city.

Lanterns as a storytelling canvas 

The project managers wanted the BOREAL to act as a canvas to tell the citadel’s story. Our Schréder SIGNATURE team took up the challenge of depicting the history of the city. More specifically, the mask was designed to reflect the community’s affection for a fresco in the city hall, where lots of events including weddings take place. The local authorities had wanted to build a new more modern hall but the residents opposed the proposal at a public meeting, stating that the mural represents the story of the city.

Porto Vecchio


Porto Vecchio City Council


Engineering office: Cabinet Blasini
Installation contractor: CEREM
Columns: TMC Innovation
Photographer: Sébastien Chebassier

This representation dates back to the 1960s. Composed of a patchwork of granite stones and pieces of glass, this fresco is a cultural emblem that features in all the wedding photos of the local community and the families are extremely attached to it.

Florence Valli
Former Deputy Mayor and Designer of the mask

The mask integrates different elements of the fresco, depicted with great care and the name of the city in Corsican; PortiVechju. It perfectly reflects the unique identity and character of the citadel and the old town.

Connecting people and heritage

The lanterns are fitted with LEDs of different colour temperatures (3,000K and 2,200K) to give the impression of an oil-burning lamp. They create a striking visual display along the streets, creating a more engaging experience that connects residents and visitors to the city during the hours of darkness.

The mask of the luminaire captures the different elements of the mural. We see the maritime heritage, with the coastline of Porto Vecchio and boats present. The parasols represent tourism in the city, a very important aspect for the economy. The portrayal of the salt marshes and cork oak trees pays tribute to these two elements that have brought fame to the citadel. The pine forest highlight Ospedale forest and the mountainous landscape. Finally, the name of the city is inscribed in Corsican. These elements are a tribute to past and present activities that have made and still contribute to the identity of Porto Vecchio.

Florence Valli
Former Deputy Mayor and Designer of the mask